For Growth through Analytics and Training

By Naseha and Alok 



Assisting Individuals and Organizations for Growth

sevenSolutions is a Consultancy Firm with Competencies in Analytics, Informatics, Quality, Research, Training, Motivation and Counselling.  sS has in-house experts to cater to your Business and Individual needs related to professional growth, business analysis and diversification.  

sS operates on the principal of chanelizing effort, and boosting confidence of individuals and organization to get the desired Success, which in turn further boost Confidence. 


Project Angel is movement towards prevention of Child Sexual Abuse. sS is proud to partner with Project Angel for such a social cause. sS is responsible for Social Media Visibility, SEO and Analytics. 


Coming Soon: Statistics and Advance Excel needed for BPO/KPO Analysts. Just for details.


Service section has detailed list of services offered by us. In whichever field you may be in, sS can contribute positively to your career. 


Inviting  you all to browse through and experience sevenSolutions. Please visit sS on its Social Networks listed above and leave a message. You can also if you have any query.


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sevenSolutions for Analytics & Training